That’s Okay! We Can Help!

There are a Few Options to Choose From

Many people are in need of addiction treatment but are afraid because of the cost. If you feel that way, you’re not alone. Have no fear, we can help you to explore some options:

  • Rehab scholarships
  • State funded health plans
  • Cash pay

Rehab scholarships
If you qualify for a scholarship, the cost of your treatment could be covered by a facility or non-profit organization. Call us today for more information.

State funded health plans
This type of insurance is provided by the county or state. If you already have this type of plan, we can get you connected with the county approved facilities. If you aren’t enrolled right now we can provide you with the steps to obtain this type of coverage.

Cash pay
There are some facilities that offer a discounted rate for patients who do not have insurance. We can help you to obtain an estimate of cost for treatment.

At Thrive N’ Beat Addiction, we can help you each step of the way. Don’t let the hurdle of no insurance stop you from getting help! We want you to thrive and beat addiction, reach out to us and we can get started right away. Let us do the groundwork so you can focus on what matters most- sobriety!

Are you ready? Call us now.