Rehab After Detox

Is Rehab Necessary After Detox?

Treatment after Detox for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

There are two critical aspects of drug and alcohol addiction recovery: detox and rehabilitation. Your future depends on getting to the bottom of why you are inclined to addictive behaviors, and how to work through the underlying issues. Detox will help the body release the physical dependency and heal from the damage that substance abuse causes. Rehabilitation works on the underlying issues and helps addicts learn healthy ways to cope and manage their lives after recovery.

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What Are the Benefits of Rehab After Detox?

Rehabilitation is a necessary and beneficial next step after you detox from drugs or alcohol. It will help you to make the positive changes needed to move forward as well as grow in ways that you may not have without professional help.

There are multiple benefits to transitioning to rehab after detox, including:

  • Build a network of sober and supportive friends and counselors
  • Develop skills to avoid relapse and recognize risks
  • Repair and rebuild damaged relationships
  • Learn skills to use once you leave treatment
  • Build an emotional tool kit to use against emotional and environmental triggers
  • Identify issues that need to be released that lead to your addictive behavior
  • Receive the therapy and counseling needed to work through trauma and pain

Coping with life without drugs or alcohol to mask and dampen emotions and stress can be hard. It is important to do everything you can to be well equipped to protect your sobriety. Rehabilitation after detox is a critical step in the process of rebuilding your life.

The Risk of Relapse After Detox

Relapse after detox is dangerous and can be deadly. Once you complete the detox process, you have rid your body of the chemicals associated with your substance of choice. It is not uncommon for addicts to overdose in their relapse, because you cannot physically return to the same level of substance use as before your recovery. This high risk of relapse is one of the biggest reasons why rehabilitation after detox is so beneficial. You must protect your sobriety with every defense possible. Give yourself the power and tools needed to be strong in your fight against addiction by pairing detox with rehab.

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