How Is Rehab Different from Detox?

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What Are Detox and Rehabilitation?

When a person decides that enough is enough and that drugs or alcohol are no longer going to be in control of their life, it is time to consider detox and rehabilitation services. There are two processes by which a person can make the most important change in his or her life: detox and rehabilitation. In most cases, both are necessary and beneficial to the reintegration into life after addiction. What are detox and rehabilitation?

  • Detox is the process of removing the toxic substances (drugs or alcohol) from the body and is typically done under medical supervision.
  • Rehabilitation is the counseling, education, and integration of a new way of life focused on the psychological dependence on drugs or alcohol.

There are numerous reasons why these processes are important to the recovery and success of beating addiction and the experts at Thrive N Beat Addiction in San Bernardino can help with both.

What  Is Detox and What Does Detox Entail?

Detox is the process of removing substances from the body that the body has become psychologically and physically dependent upon. When a drug or alcohol addiction develops, quite often the psychological dependence on the substance becomes a physical dependence once the body adapts to the toxins in the body. This is due to the body is trying to maintain homeostasis as much as possible even with that substance in the body. Detox is the medical process by which the drug or alcohol is safely eliminated from the body, wherein medical staff monitors each patient through the withdrawal process.

What might this look like?

  • Detox typically takes 3 to 10 days.
  • Detox will be monitored by medical professionals and patients will be watched for signs of seizure, hallucinations, coma, severe nausea or other serious withdrawal symptoms based upon the substance the patient is dependent upon.
  • Doctors and detox staff may provide medication to make patients more comfortable and to lessen symptoms of the detoxification process.

Once you have gone through the symptoms of withdrawal and your detox is complete, your body’s immune system should be stronger, your stress levels and anxiety may lessen, and you may have better control of your behavior and craving. This process leads way to rehabilitation, as your physical dependency will no longer be the biggest hurdle to jump.

What Is Rehab and What Does It Entail?

Unlike detox, rehabilitation focuses on the mental and emotional aspects of addiction while helping addicts recover from the behaviors and roots of the addiction itself. Rehab helps those in recovery uncover the reasons for their addictive behaviors, and provides the tools they need to move forward with positive and effective coping skills. Depending on what substance is abused, medical detox may not be required and a person may move directly into rehabilitation.

What does rehabilitation involve?

  • Rehabilitation can be inpatient or outpatient, where a person either has a residency rehabilitation process or lives at home while visiting with their facility daily in appointments.
  • Rehab can take from 30 to 90 days, depending on the severity of the counseling and recovery guidance needed.
  • Rehab may include cognitive behavioral therapy, group and individual counseling, psychiatric services, family therapy, spiritual practices, adventure therapy and more.
  • Rehabilitation will teach practical life skills and emotional or mental coping skills.
  • Rehabilitation will develop a stable support system for the prevention of relapse.

While detox eliminates the substance from the body, rehabilitation aims to eliminate the need for the substance in the emotional and mental “body”. The two combined create a stable, reliable system of coping with life’s traumas without dependence upon a substance for escape.

How Thrive N Beat Addiction Helps

The biggest step an addict takes is deciding to stop and seek help. That first step requires knowledge and resources for detox, rehabilitation and beyond. Our team at Thrive N Beat Addiction in San Bernardino is here to help find every resource possible for each individual, regardless of insurance or lack of insurance that he or she has. We connect people with the resources and centers that they need to recover and thrive. Whether you need detox, rehabilitation or both, we can make it happen using Thrive N Beat Addiction’s plentiful resources and affiliates.

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