Spreading the Joy of Sobriety

5 Ways to Spread the Joy of Sobriety

Knowing How Sobriety Feels Makes All the Difference

The joy and contentment found in sobriety is something to be shared with all who will listen. Feeling emotions that were numbed with drugs and alcohol is an experience that all in recovery share and can relate to. Whether you are hoping to repair relationships that you lost or build new ones, being open and honest about the benefits of sober living can help. Your recovery journey can help others if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and share it.

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5 Ways You Can Share the Joy of Life in Sobriety

  1. Help others. For those who have yet to reach the point of happiness and contentment in sobriety or those who are not following a program, your joy in sobriety may help them take the next step. There is no true match for the joy found in helping others, whether you volunteer, become a sponsor, or dive into an opportunity to give back. Your story can make a difference.
  2. Get active. Sobriety will give you more natural energy than you ever could dream of in addiction. Being active while sober helps you unite with others who value their health, offering fellowship and friendship. An active lifestyle boosts endorphins and releases the feel-good chemicals that the brain needs to thrive. Sharing a joy of active, healthy lifestyle choices is a way to show others the benefits of living without drugs or alcohol.
  3. Share feelings. Drugs and alcohol numb emotions, mask emotions, and rob addicts of true happiness. When your body is free from addiction, you can finally feel again. Although you will need to re-learn how to process difficult emotions, you will finally feel happiness, contentment, joy, excitement, and peace in all of their glory. Even the fear of a roller coaster or of trying a new thing will be a way to find joy and share joy.
  4. Mend relationships. Relationships that are addiction based typically fall to the wayside when an addict recovers, but adversely, relationships torn by addiction can often be mended. Your sober self will be less apt to be destructive in relationships, helping to work through the damage done in the past and build new connections. When you are sober, you can learn the true impact of your actions, your words, and your way of navigating relationships. Compassion and companionship grow in a sober environment.
  5. Share your story. Whether you share via social media, YouTube, writing a blog or creating a movie, you can share the joy you have found in sobriety. Your story is worth telling because you are unique. No one recovery story is the same as another, and your newfound peace is a victory you should record.

Your Life Is Worth Saving

The freedom, joy, and security created by living a life without drugs or alcohol are unmatched. You can live life on your terms and know that your choices are not controlled by a substance. These truths are something that comes into view in sobriety and can make a difference in the lives you choose to share them with. Thrive N’ Beat Addiction can help you find the support, the platform, and the people you need to help you share these benefits.

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