5 Things to Say to a Loved One with an Addiction

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It is understandable that speaking with a loved one about their addiction is a difficult process. There are things to avoid and things to be sure to say, and knowing the difference between the two is an important part of supporting recovery. At Thrive N’ Beat Addiction, our team wants to help you be the best support that you can be. Utilize the suggestions below in speaking with your loved one so that you can have successful conversations and show them you care.

Speak with Love and You Can’t Go Wrong

Speak from your heart, think of how you would want to be spoken to, and give your loved one the time and space to respond. Remember that addiction and the suffering that goes with it are not a choice. Your loved one is coming from a place of trauma or pain, and this fuels the addiction. Whether it is a relapse after a recovery period, or the first time discussing the addiction, keep the following words in mind.

  1. “This is not a failure, it’s just a sign that you need more help.” Reassure your loved one that relapse is part of recovery and that any relapse is telling us that they need a different form or a stronger form of treatment.
  2. “I am here for you through all of the ups and downs.” Although you may need to define boundaries in relationships with attics, you can still express that you will be there. Your unending support will mean more to them than the weight of the support or any boundaries that you put up.
  3. “How can I best support you?” By asking them what they need from you, it shows that you care beyond words. Their expression of what they need can help you determine the next best steps.
  4. “You are not alone.” Explain that you will listen without judgment and without offering solutions. Being a friend, a loved one, or a trusted family member for them is sometimes all that they need. Companionship is more important than providing a solution without proper education and expertise.
  5. “You can do this and you deserve a happy life.” Show them that you believe in their strength. Encourage them to realize that they deserve more.

A few things not to do or say to your loved one:

  • Do not offer substances to an addict, even if they are different than their drug or substance of choice.For example, do not offer a beer and justify it by saying it isn’t heroin. Addiction is an addiction, across the board.
  • Do not pry or ask for details about their rock bottom, their horror stories, or their addiction. Make the conversation about “normal” things like music, movies, food, etc. instead.
  • Do not focus all of your interactions on addiction or recovery.Instead, offer to go for a hike, shopping, visiting a museum or other fun activities.

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If you need help speaking with your loved one or if you need to find recovery resources, Thrive N’ Beat Addiction in San Bernardino is the place to go. Our team of San Bernardino recovery experts can help you find the detox, residential treatment, or recovery groups that will be best for you. We understand the delicacy with which you need to approach the subject, and we want you to have all of the knowledge that you need.

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